Free Shipping, now that gas is sooo cheap


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Now that gasonline is much cheaper will we ever see free shipping again. I believe the reason you stopped free shipping was the high costs of gas. ( livestock purchases )


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Thank you for your inquiry. We apologize for any inconvenience. At this time we have no plans of offering free shipping on orders over $225 as we have in the past. We are constantly reviewing shipping options and may have free shipping again in the future. Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a specific date as to when we may offer this promotion. Please contact us with any other questions or concerns.

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"Now that gasonline is much cheaper"

That is that week - OPAC cuts production it shoots back up. Even though prices are cheaper to the all time high , they no where close to what they were before so essentially they are still really high.

And the above is only for unleaded gas

Diesel which is used for transportation is still really expensive ( at least here in Florida)


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On of the reasons for shipping prices is UPS & Fedex have raised their shipping prices when oil was high and they still have not lowered them. They are trying to make up the difference when gas was to the moon!


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By the way air planes use jet fuel Fefined Kerosene and big rigs like I drive use Diesel Diesel has come down from almost 5 bucks a gallon and now it's 199.9 in indiana . A substancial reduction in freight charges is in order. Also Freight is down from 2 bucks a mile to as low as 80 cents !!