Free to committed saltwater enthusiast: 1 dwarf seahorse


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Hi all,

I ordered ghosties from my supplier in FL last week and in with the shrimp was a tiny seahorse. I believe she is a dwarf but she could be an erectus baby.

She will not need much in equipment, a qt canning jar, an air pump with an open airline tube. What she doesn't need in equipment however she makes up in maintenance. Seahorses in general are labor intensive but dwarfs take it to a whole new level. They only eat live food, so that means pods and/or hatched baby brine shrimp. You can feed some newly hatched bbs but it is better to enrich it. That means 2 hatcheries are going, 1 containing cysts to be hatched and the other containing hatched bbs that are being enriched. If that does not scare you off then she needs to eat 3Xs a day. That means syphoning out the bulk of the bbs that she did not eat and adding new enriched. Bbs just does not stay nutritious very long. By syphoning out the old bbs you are also doing a water change so that is helping keep the water quality up. All seahorses need excellant water quality because they succumb to bacterial infections very easy. She is not a pet for the casual saltwater enthusiast, which is why I am looking for a home for her. Her larger cousin seahorses are enough work for me, ha ha! PM me if you are interested.