Freeee Dodger Ticket!


Resident Wise Guy
I won one tjcket to friday (8/20) nights game . I cant go...anyone want it? I can email you the ticket. You just have to download the mlb app. No frags or anything needed in return. First person to pm or text me gets it.


Resident Wise Guy
I’ll pass!
I just wanted to be first

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you were first. now teach me that trick so i can get all the good deals when they are first posted. lol

Do you have to have proof of the blood clot shot to get in?

BTW, Good karma to OP

Not yet I don't think. And thanks.

Just curious, how did you win just 1 ticket?

Through my union. They did a raffle and I was one of the lucky one ticket winners. lol

oh btw, the ticket is pending..waiting for ggfrancis to claim it after he pm'd me first :thumbsup: