fresh water dip

Thanks! I took a look at the threads, though I'm still unsure as to the correct ratio of RO/DI to SW ... 80/20, 90/10, or 100/0 ? What's the best method? So far, the 30 minute period seems to be the recommended time frame, just not sure on the water parameter. I would assume that temp/pH have to match regardless ...

Also, how about flow in the dipping container? Any?

Also, is it advisable to FW dip only when the clam shows signs of distress, or should the dip be performed on all new specimens?

Thanks in advance!

it is really up to you. i personally have dipped clams in a 100% ro/di solution with only temp matching my tank for around 30mins.

no flow, i just float a tubberware of ro/di water in the sump and add the clam to the tubberware for 30mins.