Frogspawn and Coral Hermit Compatibility


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I was intending on purchasing today a frogspawn coral. However, when I research this guy in Asira it says to avoid hermit crabs in the same tank. I have 5 blue leg hermits that are part of my clean-up crew. Should I remove the hermits? Or does anyone have an success keeping both of these species together? Thanks.



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i've never heard of that, i have frogspwan and hermit crabs in the same tank and have for a long time. i do have clowns hosting in the frogspawn though so it could be that the don't let anything near it though.


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My hermits have never touched a coral, especially the frogspawn.

I had a peppermint shrimp that tried to eat it though...he got traded off REAL quick.


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Crabs are always iffy. But I've had hundreds of hermits and two frogspawns for years. Never had a problem at all between any of them.