Frogspawn base disintegrating


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So the coral skeleton of my Frogspawn seems to be disintegrating.


I had something similar happen to a candy cane coral where the base of it disintegrated till it broke off and I had to re glue it.

Anyone know what causes this?

Its only happening on 1 CC and 1 Frogspawn. Other corals seem fine (2 different types of hammers, Torch, and another type of CC seem fine)


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+1 first thing i would ask i what is you calc? good calc provides the skeleton structure for corals growth.


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I haven't measured it yet. I will test later when I get a chance (my test may or may not be expired though lol). Was just seeing if there is a known cause for this sort of thing. I've had this coral for over a year and its been fine.


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How often have you fed it calcium?

My sig line carries good parameters for this species. Get your mg up first, then alk, then cal, and hold it there.


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I dose two part occasionally but have found that most of my parameters stay in check with good water changes.

That last time I checked my calcium was fine. I only noticed this deterioration recent and its only on 2 corals out of the 30ish in the tank. Everything else looks fantastic for the most part.