Frogspawn Coral and current


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A buddy of mine gave me some frogspawn and I got it setteled in my tank (sorta) I looked it up on the net and it sayd the Frogspawn should be kept in low current. What is considered low current? I have it set in the lowest current my tank that I could find. I can see the tenticals of the Frogspawn moving around some (not allot) but I dont want this thing to die because the current I have it in. Does anyone have this coral and if so, what type of current do you have it in?



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Sounds like you got it in a good spot; to much current and the tenticals get wipped around, twisted ,and brake off.


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Not breaking off!!!!! Just swirling, Med light, get a basic Coral book and the tellyou light, food, flow, with pictures in tank for placement.


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I have had my frogsspawn fall into higher current areas and it really makes it mad - the whole of heads has receeded. But low flow is really just there tentacles out moving like it is in a breeze.


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Mine is in pretty strong current on top. Seems to like it. Went from 3 heads to 6 in 3-4months. Open all the time when lights are on.


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i have a koralia #4 not directly pointing at mine but pretty close its always out and gettin big so its prob med/high current on mine...


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My hammers and frogspawn seem to like a little swirling but not anything near a large amount of current.