Frogspawn Fragging


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What lenght does the branch has to be before it can be fragged?

Anyone ever frag one of those?

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No length that I know of but I have always done mine just below where it looks like the bowl of the coral so there is something to attach to

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yea just cut coral skeleton below the fleshy polyp. When i cut mine, it sometimes regrows a head where i cut before.....


Don't cut the clear/white looking stuff. Make sure it is bone hard and then you want to cut at least 1" below where the tissue line is. Just to be on the safe side. Or best go down to where it branches apart. HTH!


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That's the thing it looks all clear/white all the way to the center where the other heads attach. I will take a closer at it tonight after the light are off and the coral is sleeping ;)

Thanx for the info


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If it is, you'll have to wait for it to grow it's skeleton more before you can frag it. I'm in the same boat with mine right now....