frogspawn losing tentacles


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Is it normal for a frogspawn to lose some of its tentacles?

I see some tentacles. I see some floating around.


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No iT is not. It should be well intact. do you have any fish that you might suspect nipping at the frogspawn?


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It is not normal, to my knowledge , for your frog spawn to be losing it's tentacles. What kind of fish do you have in your tank? What kind of lighting do you have?



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Alkalinity/calcium levels, lighting type, distance from light.
S/b 8.3-9.3 alk, 420 cal, about 15" from mh 250.

They will occasionally cast tentacles if stressed, but I mean stressed. Need to find culprit or cause.


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All I have in tank are 2 false percs and 2 mandarin gobies.

Water Parameters:
Nitrite = 0
Nitrate <1
Amm. = 0
Cal. = 440
Alk. = 140 Meq/L
Phospahte <0.1

I think my water parameters are fine, but maybe not.


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Direct and strong water flow aren't always well received. Not sure it would drop tentacles from that alone though - just sounds like something has nipped it or perhaps when handled, accidentally hurt it.