frogspawn shedding


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hi guys i just got my frog spawn today and one of the heads shed the brownish slime on the side and now its pure white skeleton surrounding the central polyps. the polyps are retracted at this point.

the other heads showed nothing like that though the polyps are also retracted which i attribute to it being night time and the lights are off. in the day they were extended.

all the other corals in the tank are fine including the other LPS

my readings are as follows,

nitrate: ~5.0ppm
nitrite 0.0ppm
alkalinity (kh): 10
pH: 8.4
ammonia: 0.00ppm
sg: 1.024
ca: ~450
mg: ~1250

help? i really love this frogspawn and i hope there's something i can do about this


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probably brown jelly disease... try blowing it off with a baster and see if it recovers, or frag the head that is having the problem.


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I put one in my tank a few months ago and it did the same thing. I think it was going through a little shock period. In a day or two all was fine and it has grown about 20% in that time. They just don;t like a lot of flow or strong direct lighting. Just keep an eye on it for the next couple of days.