Frogspawn spitting out food?


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Hello RC, I have had my frogspawn for a long time now and it has 4 heads, I'm wondering why whenever I supplement it, usually with brine or mysis, it spits out a bit if not all of the fed food? I'm assuming this is because it only eats a bit of the food I give it and spits the rest? or is there another reason it spits out its food? I'm also not sure if it is just the coral excreting waste, but I doubt this is the reason as it happens almost a minute after I feed the coral.


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Frog doesn't take much solid food---just fragments it catches and mostly minerals from the water (high calcium, ca 420) and sunlight. Its zooxanthellae provide most of its food. Keep it out of range of hammer and torch---it's a relative, but tends to grow less vigorously in the downflow of a large relative.