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did you find just a piece of the "flesh" or a piece with skeleton?
In my experience when I see little pieces of frogspawn flesh it means my frogspawn is doing something like splitting. For me when this happens it is normally splitting into more heads. Mine did this a while back, I went from 1 head to three. As far as spreading mine has been sending out small new growth shoot swith new heads around the base of the existing heads. When these get big enough I will take them off, so the coral does not get too big. I had asked the same thing you did and I thought the coral was going to die to be honest but it was just splitting.




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Cool, It has done this before. It has like 4 small heads on the base. So this means that more are coming... .COOOL!!!


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frog spawn

frog spawn

I had a frogspawn that had two heads and about three months ago lost them both for some reason. I just left the skeleton in the tank, kinda threw it in a corner. Today I was looking around at things and noticed a new head about the size of an eraser that has come up about mid branch. Im excited to see that its coming back.