frothy skim from my skimmer


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i have been having problems with my skimmer overskimming. even the area around the drain pipe has a good amount of foam. when i turn the skimmer on it just starts overflowing with foam. i recently added a cage made of nylon mesh in my tank, could that have any affect on the foaming because the mesh has a lot of what looks to be algae. i also use industrial blades to frag in the water, could the oil that comes with the blade be causing the over foaming? I usually clean the oil off by just wiping it on a shirt but last time i dont think i did it good enough. any ideas?


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I have an ASM G1x skimmer and recently had the same problem with micro-bubbles escaping from the drain pipe and overskimming in the cup. I added a new sponge bubble diffuser filter (the one that goes around the drain pipe and it started to foam and bubble like crazy. My LFS said that it would happen when replacing the sponge filter..... He said that thouroughly rinsing new foam filter (or even a used one that has gone dry) in SW will help to alleviate the excessive foaming, bit it may still occur a bit. LFS said to wait a few days for the foam to "cure" a bit and the excessive bubbles/foam should subside.....It completely stopped doing this about 48 hours after applying the "brand new" foam filter....

It was the first time that I had to replace the foam filter and the G1X was my first Euro-style skimmer.... So I had no idea what was causing it when it happened...

Hope this helps you out....