Frozen food storage


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How long can you store frozen fish food in a freezer? I have an ample amount right now and DR. Foster n Smith are having a 15% discount on food with only 19.99$ shipping. Would love to overstock the freezer. Is there any con's to this? :idea:


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I've had the same Rod's Food and PE Mysis for like 1.5 years now o_o

I only have 3 fish, so they don't eat a lot. I guess I should try to find a store that sells them around me (it's so rare to find Rod's in person)


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If you do stock up than be sure you store it well. Take out some to keep in a ziplock than wrap the rest in a couple layers of Saran and foil alternating. It will stay good much longer if it is only seeing new air and a temp shift once a month or so.

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