frugal frag plugs


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In effort to get that last bit of super glue out of the tube,
I took that seemingly useless plastic nozzle off the glue tube, and squeezed the shirt out of the tube of glue. In the meantime, I said to myself hey- that nozzle would make a pretty easy frag plug, and would fit right into a hole in my base roc made by zitit (I made al l the base rock rock concrete/sand/ziti. So, I stuck a piece of gorgonian in the cap, since there was some usable glue in the center of the nozzle- figured why not?

Looks a lot like the golf tees some use for SPS frags. Anyway, I was somewhat proud of the frugal innovation and wanted to share it in these interesting financial times. b I have a pile of super glue tops on the side of my tank- I've been to lazy to toss them. Now there is a legit use for saving them. Hope my wife reads this post....


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Nice job! It's funny because I now use bathroom tiles from HD. I was at one of our local club guys house swapping some stuff and I asked him if he knew where I could get some plugs local. He reached into a box and pulled out about 15 1 1/4" octogon tiles he had broke apart from a leftover tile job in his bathroom. The 12"x12" tiles are like $3 and make a ton of plugs. Recycle what you can!


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I like the look of frags on rock better and it's cheap. A $5 piece of dry base rock and a hammer and you have enough to last for months.


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i too use the white ceramic tile from the depot 1"x1" for small sps frags.. i never cure them.. they encrust it. ive had no issues doing it this way. sometimes you can find emm on sale for like a buck for a pack of 24