Fruit Loop zoas


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I have heard the Fruit loop zoas and lA Laker zoas melt and are hard to keep. If this is true how can i prevent this.


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mostly the wild caught ones will melt on you, i finally ran into both that were from a friend who grew them out and they haven't melted yet but actually grown. The lakers grow like a weed so they're not as pricey as they used to be


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These are some aquacultured lakers I have. Since this picture a week or so ago they've grown a few heads. It's definitely the wild caight you have to watch out for.


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I got a Fruit Loop frag a few months back. Kept it fine, grew it from 5 to about 12 polyps. Read an article about how they were hard to keep. They melted within the week. :/

lhm nole

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Have had mine for over 2 years started with 17 polyps now have close to 70 will lose a few hear and there for no reason at all lost 20 once but came back in a few months


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I got a fruit loop zoa polyp that was attached to a piece of rubble rock a rock anemone was attached to when I bought it. the rock nem moved and I noticed the zoa. moved it to a location around where my other zoas are thriving and now I have a small colony of about 10 after 3 months which started as one single polyp