FS 110 Oak Set up in Strongsville


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110 AGA tank with corner over flow (drilled)
Dimensions of tank 60" L x 21" H x 18.5" W
Back of tank painted blue, can be removed with a razor blade.

Oak stand 39" high. Solid oak doors (hinges are rusty and need to be replaced). Solid Oak trim, remainder is 1/4" oak plywood

Hood sits on top of aquarium or could be hung from the ceiling for easier access. 4 used ice cap bulbs 48" 2 actinincs and 2 aquasuns with water proof endcaps. Harness hooks up to included icecap 660 ballast. Drilled holes for venting with two 4" fans. (fans are rusty may not squeal with some oil, but will most likely need to be replaced).

20 gallon sump drilled, includes a float auto refiller.

Little Giant 3MDQX-SC
Input 1" FNPT
Output 1" MNPT

Re: FS 110 Oak Set up in Strongsville

<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=6932331#post6932331 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Rick2880

Dimensions of tank 60" L x 21" H x 18.5" W

Isn't that 100.9 gallons? Anyway sounds like a killer deal!!!

You're right, it is a 100 gallon tank! My buddy who gave it to me told me it was 110 and I never checked it.

Anyway I'm reducing it again to $350...what else can you do on a rainy weekend in cleveland but to come over and get a great deal on a tank.