FS: 125 gallons complete running reef tank 72”x18”x22”


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Hi this is a complete saltwater reef tank.

The tank is currently running selling the whole package.

Tank has a couple scratches due to normal wear and tear of cleaning the coraline from the glass.
Includes live rocks
Only one fish Hippo Tang he is a little old.
Tank is 125 gallons 72" long 18" wide 22" tall.
Stand and Canopy
3 LED Fixtures of Aqua illumination AI Sol with controller
Dosing pump with dosing containers
Sump with filter sock
Return pump and another one as back up.
2 Powerheads
RO/DI system to make your own Filtered water.

Live stock.

Fish is a blue hippo tang he is pretty old like 10 years old or so loves eating out my hand.
Mostly soft corals like
Candy canes, big toad stool, two green finger leather, lots of Xenias corals, and green star polyps on some rocks and back wall.

Hard corals green slimmer frag, and decent size forest fire digitata.

Priced to sell not negotiating or trading all equipment and live stock is worth more than $1000. But I will take $1000 for all as a package. Don't want to part out, but if i do prices will be different for the items.


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Price update small finger leather and big leather sold...

Will let go the tank with remaining corals and full equipment for