FS - 180 Oceanic and Stand, Colorado


Likey the bikey
I had hoped to upgrade but it's not in the cards anytime soon. As such, if you want an Oceanic 180 with an Oceanic stand and glass tops, it's now for sale.

$400 for all. I would be happy to drill it for you (for free) but you would have to buy it first.
The stand is painted. It's gray with black/white flecks. I would have passed on the setup had I not thought it was up to snuff. Even the wife likes it - too bad we don't have the opportunity to set it up right now.

Not drilled. I will drill if for free with a fresh bit but you have to be the owner first.
Finally - pictures.

You can have the tank. I'll keep the castle that came with it when I bought the setup...I have some left over fireworks to dispose of.

The tank needs to be wiped down (will do prior to purchase) but other than that it's in good shape.

Now that's a castle!
Cool stand. Too bad it isn't matching trim of some kind on the tank but a little upolstery tape could solve that.

A bump for a good deal.