FS: 200 gal. Elos 160XL, steel stand, sump.

Mr. Reef

Huge open top glass tank - Elos 160XL - $500 OBO.

This is the ultimate Italian open top tank, made of thick low iron glass. The tank alone was ~$5,000 new, and I just got a $1,000 custom steel stand. The display tank alone is 63 x 31.5 x 23.6 (L x W x H ), 325 lbs. It is a monster.

No, it doesn't leak, but I saw a little movement at an upper corner after a move, so I am retiring it as a fish tank. The glass is now in alignment, because I had a cable around the top for safety and it pulled together. If you want to keep fish in it, I recommend a stylish band or strap around the top edge. You could also use it as is for a frag tank, pond, fountain, reptile tank, etc.

Note the 325 lbs. for the glass alone, plus the custom steel stand, and a huge sump, so you need at least 4 strong guys and a truck. No cabinetry or other equipment included, just tank, stand, and sump.

Located in the South Bay.