FS: 200 Gallon Marineland DD Starphire


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Taking a break for a while but I'm sure it won't be for that long, this hobby is too addicting.

200 Gallon Marineland deep dimension with Starphire front glass 48"x36"x27"
Bought brand new 3 years ago, I am the original owner. Glass is nearly flawless with absolutley no coraline on the 3 viewable sides. Tank is practically new exept for coraline on overlows and back glass.
Corner overflows with durso stand pipes, tank is very quite. All plumbing included, you will need nothing to get this going.
Tank is still running with some real nice very established live rock and 120 pounds of live sand Caribsea special grade.

Custom built and skinned with 3/4 oak stained with minwax early american and 5 coats of polyurethane. 33" tall. This stand is a beast and is very nice, furniture grade. Center piece is removable for easy access.

Nice and big, plenty of room, 4 fans, back is open but screened off to prevent jumpers. Tank stays very cool but for those real hot summer days the fans are nice to have, other than that they aren't needed due to the halides being so high off the water.

2x 250W Radiums in 2x LumenMax Elite refletors driven by 2x Galaxy select-a-watt ballasts. Just replaced bulbs in October and only ran for 6 hours a day, can easily get 15 months out of them. Coverage is awesome.

2x 54W ATI blue plus T5s driven by an Icecap 430. These combined with the halides are the best color combo I have ever seen. Tank is very very bright.

2x Icecap 48" LED moonlight strips.

You will be able to keep anything with this setup, I had clams on the sand for years and they grew like crazy.

40"x14"x14" acrylic custom build by a very talanted local reefer. Skimmer section with bubble trap, center section for heaters/pumps, third section for ATO/return.

40G breeder refugium setup to drain back into sump. Hydor nano 425 included for fuge circulation. 65W CFL for fuge light.

This is setup as basement sump right now but both tanks will easily fit underneath the tank with room to spare.

Return Pump
Panworld 150PS external

2x BRS deluxe for GFO and carbon and 2x Maxijet 1200s

2x Hydor Theo 400W

Algae Free Piranah glass cleaner. This thing is awesome and a must have.
6 filter socks
Salifert test kits calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, all still good
Some BRS bulk calcium, alkaliny, and magnesium with jugs to mix it up
Probably forgetting some stuff but I'm sure I'll hook up whoever buys it with more stuff.



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Wish I had space and money for this tank, I've seen it in person and It's amazing. Sad to see that you aren't keeping it!


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Awesome deal! I paid more than that for my 200DD and got less stuff. You decide to part out, PM me.


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Thanks for the comments guys, got back to everybody that was interested. It's not a PMG stand, it was built by me and my dad. Decided to price it at a great price for a quick sale rather than barting down and holding on to it for months, it's easier that way.


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If I had a way of getting it to my house I would drive the 3 hours to pick it up. That is going to be a sweet deal for someone.


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If you decide to part out I am interested in just the tank. I would buy it all if someone would provide a truck and help picking it up. I would give them the lighting and pay for the Gas from Columbus Ohio and back


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just drive up here with a friend rent a truck from a uhaul here in cleveland it cant be that much to drive just one way to columbus.


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Real nice set up. I'm surprised no one has jumped on the offer for the free lights and gas money to help the guy get it to Columbus. That's a nice light fixture if I had a truck I'd be all over it.