FS 200 gallon tank/stand/sump setup, ~200 lbs live rock


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Hey everyone, I'm exiting the hobby and looking for a new owner for my setup.
Located in San Francisco, PM me for more info.

Tank is ~200 gallon eurobraced acrylic with external overflow, dimensions 66 x 30 x 25.5 Acrylic is 1" thick, black back and bottom panels. Tank is in good condition with no scratches, although the viewing panels are a bit hazed and could use a good buffing.
Stand is custom built and has leveling feet
Sump is custom built 52 x 24.5 x 16 eurobraced acrylic with adjustable baffle to raise/lower the water level
Reeflo Snapper return pump and current plumbing setup as pictured included
$500 (price drop) for the above, you'll need about 3-4 guys to move, plus a truck

At least 200-250 pounds of Fiji live rock, $200 (price drop) or best offer. I've included a picture of some of the live rock being setup in the display after a previous tank move to give you an idea of the type and size of pieces. Outside of bristle worms and some cyano, the rock is disease and pest free!

150 gallon rubbermaid stock tank, $100

I also have misc equipment (Apex EL with multiple EB8's, Tunze Osmolator, Tunze stream, Tunze wavebox, Vertex alpha kone skimmer, metal halide with mag ballasts, Hanna phosphate meter) that I'd like to give the buyer of tank setup first dibs at before parting things out.

Live Rock.jpg

Tank Front.jpgTank Sump.jpgTank Back.jpgSump New.jpgRubbermaid.jpg
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Tank is still available, but I would like to find a buyer for the live rock so I can at least finish cleaning out the system. Some more pics of the live rock below. First two pics are current, last pic is a pic that I dug up of some of the rock laid out when I first got it, again to give an idea of the shapes. Asking $200 for ~ 200+ pounds, or best offer.