FS 240 Acrylic with steel stand PU Oceanside

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I have a used 240 acrylic that has standard scratches from use. It comes with a Novus 3 step polishing kit if you want to put in the elbow grease. It has a black back and at one time was cracked in the back left corner and was repaired. It held water with previous owner and with me for over a year. It has two corner overflows with 2 holes in each. A 1.5" in each and a 1" and a 3/4" it comes with all brand new bulkheads for every hole. It was on a wood that I just replaced with steel cause the wood was starting to sag. The stand is made form 2x2 box steel .250 thick for top and four legs, bottom and all other supports are made from .120 wall. Stand is fully welded. I also built the stand to have the tank sit in the middle of the top with a 1" overhang all around. Asking $500 obo. Selling because I currently have to many projects.


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dimensions of tank? Dimensions of stand? Do you have better pics of the tank and the crack? Can the crack be seen from the inside of tank?


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The tank is a 8x2x2 and the stand is 98x26x30 the crack cannot be seen unless you really look hard to see it. In the second pic is the piece of acrylic that was used to repair the inside. Sorry about the late response I will get better pics this weekend.
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