FS: 240g cube never seen water!

Hey all, I had a 240g cube 4ft x 4ft x 2ft built local by quarterback-killer here on RC. It has 2 black sides as I was going to use it as a "corner" tank with only 2 viewable clear sides. There are four 2 inch bulkheads in the back for return lines and drain lines for a closed loop (or to use however you see fit). I dont have room to store it anymore so Im postin it pretty cheap....WAY less than what even the materials cost me to have it built. I have a bunch of 2 inch plumbing for it also, including some ball valves, unions, pipe, etc. Need it out of the house asap!

I also have an icecap 660 vho ballast with two german waterproof endcaps. Asking $50 for it.

Asking $500 OBO for the tank, but please make offers reasonable!

I also have a bunch of good books that I will be posting later as well as a couple of skimmers and a current USA light fixture once I have pics of them and book titles!