FS: 250 HQI Setup


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Hey guys,
Sorta getting out of the hobby so first thing to go are my lights.

PFO Mini HQI Pendant with 2/month old Ushio 20k bulb. Its in great condition with the exception of some slight rusting on the eyehooks.

DIY electronic ballast. I realize the ballast looks old but if you were to buy a brand new one this is exactly how it will look. For some reason, these ballasts come looking used. I encased it in a metal breaker box and it has never given me any problems.


I also installed a "quick disconnect" so that the ballast comes apart from the pendant easily.

And some examples of what the light looks like:
Supplement with daylight T5's:

Without supplementation:

The bulb itself retails anywhere from 75 to 90. Asking 140 obo.