FS: 29 gal equipment/corals/fish


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My tank went downhill after I moved over the summer and I don't have the time to get it back where it should be. Therefore I decided to sell what I have and just start a FW tank for now. Looking for enough to get the FW tank going (new tank and all).

I have PC 133 lights, two powerheads (one is an AquaClear 70 (400 gph)), two clownfish, and corals:


Please contact me on my gmail email account if interested. Pick up only. rossim2i2 a-t- gmail d-o-t- com
I have a lot of live rock. However, I do have an aptasia outbreak. About a dozen or so all over various rocks.
How much for the live rock and live stock? I think I have some aiptasia as well. Not too sure what it is. Does it look like a tiny branch/tree?
charlie1 - email me directly and we can talk about pricing. Would you be able to pick everything up?
I'm still looking to get rid of everything. I will not ship. Pick up only. I'm in Northern NJ. Willing to negotiate pricing. Email me if interested.