FS 29G SPS Ready Reef Tank


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Hi All,

Have upgraded to a larger tank and am ready to part with my 29G. It is a great little tank, and because of its size is capable of stellar flow and light so it grows coral like gangbusters.

All equipment is in excellent shape, the stand is a bit ghetto because it was made by me, but is actually a decent piece of furniture that you can put in your living room.

Here are the specs:

29G drilled AGA tank with 5"X5" overflow in rear corner.

10G AMiracle Sump/fuge/mudsump with PC strip light for macro growth.

Rio HF return pump with SCWD and plumbing for alternating flow.

Coralife Super Skimmer 65, that is a sludge factory, it is dialed in and has not been altered so it will be plug and play.

Full hood with 150W Aqua Medic Double End Halide Pendant, as well as 2X65W Actinic Coralife Compact Flourescents.

Also have a micro Powerhead and heater, etc.

If you are using this to set up an initial tank, and want it, I have saved the live sand, and will throw in 30-40 lbs of Live Rock from my big tank as well.

I am asking $450 for the whole thing. If you want it, shoot me an IM. I am headed out of town until mid next week, sorry.

Here is a pic of the stand, I have more pics, but cannot send them to you until my return.





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Re: FS 29G SPS Ready Reef Tank

<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=8102301#post8102301 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by flycasterjosh
the stand is a bit ghetto...


I thought I was the only one who used that term!

Don't need a 29 though, sorry. Hubby would kill me if I even *suggested* another tank. I'm already '1 tank over the limit'.



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Doing great, It really likesto move around, i had to get away from my Zoo mother piece. Doing great though! actually the 29 gal reef that im setting up will most likely be his new home. Hows the Anthelia?


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are you buying his tank? i dant know how the anthelia is doing it disappeared got blown out from under the rubber band somehow.


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MG, Gimplar is interested in this setup, but doesnt want the sump. I will see if he comes through, likely lower his price because he doesnt want it and then it will be available. Gimp, I am getting rid of thisn setup because I have a 75G reef that I just setup and am getting ready to setup another 72G bow front. Dont have room for all of them. This tank is already torn down and ready to go. My wife has not started complaining about it yet, so I am on good shape.


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Okay, well find out exactly what Moongoddess wanted, i'd be willin to split some of the sale if he/she (lol) wants to. And of course, i wanted the main things that i PM'd you about.


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How old are the bulbs for the MH's and PC's? and is the main lighting system two completely different things or is it one of those deluxe hoodsets?


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MH and PC Bulbs are about 9 mos. old, the lighting system is 2 completely different setups, but they are both installed in the hood. The MH is actually a pendant that I have the cables for, etc. but I mounted it in the hood. The CF's are from a Coralife retrofit kit and have a separate ballast. I think I actually have 1 or 2 50/50 CF bulbs from when I put the actinics in I will throw in if interested.