FS - 30 gallon coralife nano tank with LED upg.


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I'm moving and I need to sell this tank (30 gallons). It is in excellent condition. It is a little over 1 year old and it is covered by Coralife lifetime warranty. Also I have upgraded the lighting to Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED.

IM ASKING FOR $800 BUT WILLING TO NEGOTIATE. I'm trying to figure out how to post large images but message me in the meantime and I will be happy to send you some pics.

The tank is $300, lights $250, coral roughly $500, misc supplies (heater/skimmer) $400.

~5lbs live sand
~20lb live rock
Protein skimmer
2 (500gph) power heads
Cooling fan
Aquarium power strip

1 yellow watchman goby
2 ocellaris clownfish
1 tri-colored wrasse
1 sandsifting starfish
1 coral banded shrimp
1 lettuce slug
about 15 random snails (nassaria, margarita, etc)

3-6 headed large frog spawn
1 large torch coral head
1 head frog spawn
5 duncan coral
5 headed branching dendro
4 mushrooms
1 meteor shower frag
1 leather coral frag
1 large plate of green star polyp
1 large rock plate of green star polyp
4 smaller frags of star polyp
1 small frag of 10 head random color zoanthids
1 large frag of about 20 heads zoanthids
4 assorted color (pink green yellow) SPS frags.

Also included are all my supplies and food. This includes tons of activated carbon, PO4 and NO3 reducers, Calcium PH KH MG buffer. Basically everything you need to keep this aquarium up and running for at least 2 years.


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Your thread will be closed brah. You haven't met the RC rules to post for sale. There is a sticky explaining on the SoCal reefers table of contents. So, in before thread is locked.