FS 36" ATI Sunpower Dimmable, Euroquatics LED T5 Bulbs, Like New Dosing Pump


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Following items for sale. Pickup in El Cerrito.

ATI Sunpower Dimmable 36" 6-Bulb Fixture:
Normally $600 new ($500 for Black Friday)

Selling mines for $300 FIRM. This light fixture was used for about 10 months. Body is in excellent condition, There are four very small holes on one of the bottom lips to mount a Reefbrite fixture. The reflectors do have salt splash/creep that doesn't come off with a simple wipedown. It isn't major and I do not think it noticeably affects reflectivity, and could probably be cleaned with the right product, but most of the price markdown is because of this.






3x Euroquatics Blue Pop 36" T5 LED Bulbs
Normally $60 new

Selling mines for $40 each FIRM. Two have been used for 3 months and one for less than a week (can't tell which is which). These are LEDs that are built into a T5-type bulb. The Blue Pop versions are sold out most of the time. The claims are that these bulbs have as much output as a T5 bulb. To the eyes they are in between the brightness of an ATI Super Actinic and a Reefbrite LED. Very pleasing blue-violet color.

Note, in my experience they don't play well with ATI dimmable fixtures. Non-dimmable fixtures and possibly other brands they work fine.




Bubble Magus 3-Pump Dosing Pump w/ Ledge
Normally $270 (without the ledge)

Selling mines for $180 FIRM. This was used for less than a month. At this point I am manually dosing and will probably do so until I need to add alot of product to my tank (which won't be for a long time). In like new condition but will only include the dosing pump, ledge, and power. You'll have to download the manual online (http://www.seasideaquatics.com/T01.pdf).