FS: 3x 250w Metal Halide Pendants with ballast and Bulbs


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I have three 250w HQI Metal Halide Hamilton Cayman pendants with 250w hamilton ballast pheonix bulbs avaiable. They have a little LED strip that comes with them. I mounted these else where and 2 of the led strips will have super glue on the side. The other one wasnt used.

they measure 12" x 12" x 5"

One used for 3 months

the other 2 used for little more than 5 months

$200 each
$500 for all 3

Looking for cash but also will to trade for one of the pendants, looking for a nice aussie scoly.

pic was taking before bulbs were put in. bulbs are included. Ill post updated pics of them but they pretty much look exactly the same.

Stock Photos


I am located in Laguna Hills but I am in Long Beach evey day so kinda can meet anywhere in socal... mostly.


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yeah still have boxes and packing they came in, just not sure on how much it would cost. Ballasts are pretty heavy.


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2 sold, 1 left

the one that is left has unused LED, bulb/ballast/pendant used 3 months