FS 40g Breeder, 20g aio, rodi, and more


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Im getting out of the hobby sadly. I have a 20g waterbox aio and a 40g breeder. I do have aiptasia in the 40 but I recently got berghia nudis. Msg for more pictures of specific things. Also, I live in Ukiah and can meet in Petaluma or Santa Rosa but no further. I would like to sell the tanks as is but I am willing to part out. It would have to be livestock first and preferably multiple things.

20G AIO 400$ for all:
- 1 adult female seahorse
- yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp pair
- 20g aio waterbox
- 50w ehiem heater and return pump
- back up 400gph return pump
- kessil a80 w/ mount
- eshopps nano skimmer
- all live rock (15lb) rock And all sand
- Float switch ATO
- 3 waterbox filter socks
- media

40g Breeder 1300$ for all:
- 2 adult clownfish
- fairy wrasse
- All GSP (2 3-5lb rocks and lots of extra sheets)
- Green hammer frag (2 heads)
- Toadstool (4"x4" and 6" tall)
- Green Nepthea (~10" by 10")
- Zoa rock #1 (see pics)
- Zoa rock #2
- misc and green Nepthea & Toadstool frags
- All pulsing xenia
- dragon soul favia frag
- ~10 big hairy green mushrooms (3-4" each)
- ~40 pink/red small discosoma mushrooms with blue spots (3-4" each)
- cheato
- 40 breeder tank
- stand
- eshopps hob overflow
- 20g high sump
- 2 y/o Ai Prime HD+ w/ 1 mount and 1 previously broken mount that was fixed with super glue
- 2 150 ehiem heaters (one used for water changes)
- red sea reefer test kits: alk(needs more reagent for alk), cal, mag, nitrate, and nitrite
- eshopps x-120 skimmer
- sump light and return pump
- misc supplies, b-ionic alk and cal, reef roids, filter socks, fragging tools etc.

- 4 stage 75gpd rodi: 100$
- Chinese black box LED 40$


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Price Drop: 20g AIO everything for 350$
40g Everything for 1200$
Rodi + BlackBox for 90$