FS 40g reef tank complete system or part out


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hi guys I have this tank for sale
I just to have this tank with my uncle at he's home but we can take care of the tank anymore here is some pics
price for the entire system $350

*jebo tank 40 gallon
external overflow with oceanic sump
asm mini G skimmer
40 lbs live rock with a lot of purple algae
light hood also include with custom sunpaq ballast 65w X 2 with one month old bulbs (actinic 03 hamilton /10k day light bulb)
return pump
digital thermometer
koralia 3 for extra flow
also include some corals (medium rocks )
,medium magnetcleaner

no sand
almost all you need to have a nice tank

elephant ear
bottom polips
a lot of small rock with zoas

jewel 6 tentacle starfish

I will sell it for parts but life stock needs to go first

vortech not include







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price by parts

tank, stand,light , sump, return pump,overflow $200
rock $2 x lb (about 40 pounds )$50 take all
corals fish an invertebrate $50 take all
mini g skimmer $70