FS: 48" x 30" x 20" Rimless


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Hey ya'll

I have an all glass, leemar, rimless tank and few other things that needs to go. 300$ and i'll include the sump and other bits and bobs. Getting ready for a move again...

48" wide | 30" front to back |20" tall

It holds about 120ish gallons.


Black silicone and black overflow box with enough holes for a durso, a large return, and a pipe for all your electrical




Located just outside of downtown Los Angeles.

These photos are from when I set it up. Silicone is in good condition, still supple. The glass is good but has some hazy spots from aggressive algae removal.

Bring 3-4 other people and a truck!
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Guys, this is one of a kind tank and Maeda takes really good care of his tanks. The stand is custom build by an Artist. Someone is going to be luck to get it. GLWS!