FS: 60 cube setup cheap

E.J. Coral

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I need to get rid of this tank and all of its equipment. It ran great when it was up and running. There are a few scratches and the pump is a bit noisy and needs service.

Clear for life 60 cube, drilled for closed loop (7 holes)
Sequence Dart Pump
Oceans Motions squirt
Mag 5 return w/scwd
SoCal creations sump
Aquatrader 24" fixture with upgraded bulb (384w total)

$250 or will trade for 48" light fixture or black canopy or HOT Magnum
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i don't think you'll have a problem selling everything at that price, but if you decide to part out i'd be interested in the OM squirt.


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Yeah lets see pics... Too bad this is acrylic :( I would swap you in a heartbeat! My 48" T5's... What kind of condition is the tank in?

E.J. Coral

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To answer some questions:

I am near near pasadena.

There are some scratches, but none that couldn't be fixed by polishing... certianly none that distract from viewing.

I'll get some pics up by the end of the week.. However I am offering it at this price so I don't have to do any work. I could make at least twice as much if I wanted to put in effort ... lol.:rollface:

Light fixture must me Metal Halide....