FS 60 glass cube full setup


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I have been away from the forum for a while because we had our first baby boy. Our baby is almost 10 months and I can't keep up with my main tank and my seahourse cube anymore. I need to sell off my cube tank to free up some extra needed time.
Here's the setup.
60 glass cube 24 x 24 x24 custom tank. The original owner of this setup made almost everything himself and his work is awesome.
The tank has a built in overflow with two drains which is designed like the herbie overflow method.
Custom sump with an attached 7g top off container all made from acrylic. (Don't know the volume). Also comes with a built in ato system attached to the sump on the return side.
40" tall steel stand all powder coated white and custom made wood panels on both sides and a front panel that is not attached. Side panel has 2 dj strips, but only one works. The other one he cut the wire, but can work if you attached it back.
Tek 4 24" T5 fixture with legs
Cover for the top of the tank, for any fishes that jump.
I think its a NAC6 or 7 I have to double check. Comes with all piping and return pump which is attached to return pvc.
Im gonna keep all sand, live rocks, seahorses and marco algae.
Trying to sell as a whole for $700. You will need a van or truck to move this.
Located in El Monte 91733
If I cant sell, I might part out if someone wants the tank, sump, and stand first.
Here are some pictures of the tank. I will get more tomorrow of the rest of the setup.


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