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Hey guys, it's been a while. So here's the skinny. I am needing to relocate to Texas for work. I need to sell my aquarium pretty quick. I'll try to remember the details but honestly I haven't really paid any attention to the tank other than feeding and topping off for a while.

65g RR tank
Reef octopus protein skimmer
Koralia 4 (I think) circulation pump
Mag 7 Return pump
20 gallon sump
2x150 Aquamedic Spacelight HQI metal halides
Custom Stand and Canopy

Stuff off to the side

2 brand new full test kits
Mag 9.5 pump
Various filters
Magnavore reactor
some activated carbon
purple up
5g bucket of instant ocean almost full
32g brute mixing container with pump
2x65 coralife compact fluorescent ballast
maxcap rodi unit (90gpd I belive) needs new filters
4x 5gallon poly water containers
Step ladder
40g breeder tank
10g standard tank
scrapers, and random accessories

I would like to sell this all in one bundle as I do not have much time before I need to leave for Texas. I would be willing to part with everything for $500.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to come look at it.

My number is 602-463-0470, please text as I am very busy trying to tie up loose ends before I leave.

Thank you,



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If you are unable to sell together and decide to separate, please let me know. I am not ready to upgrade my current set up but you have a few things I would need. Text me at 602-930-2474. Thanks.


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$300 I need this gone asap. I just swore into the Army yesterday and I ship out to basic training in less than 2 weeks. I would prefer to have it gone this weekend so I can clean the carpets in my house before the end of the month.