FS. 7 stage RODI


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I have a Vertex Puratek RODI 90gpd unit and I modified it with the additions of a Spectrapure single stage with a tds meter for initial sediment filtration and another Spectrapure double DI unit with tds. At the time I stopped the tank all the inserts were very new, maybe used a half dozen times. All filters are Spectrapure. I had it set up with:
Stage 1- .5 micron sediment filter
S 2- ZetaZorb .2 micron sediment
S 3- carbon block
S 4- ChlorPlus chloramine
S 5- Spectrapure 99% rejection RO membrane
S 6& S 7- dual DI

I will also throw in an extra sediment, carbon block and di filter. Only issue this unit had was the tds meter on the vertex was not working properly but the other two tds meters front and backside work great. I also added a flow valve. I want to sell this as an entire unit and not in pieces. I think I'm giving a great price at $200. Lowballers will be ignored. NO DELIVERY

BOLO - I will be posting some other things as well like GHL Doser, acclimation box and various other things in separate thread


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Team RC
Downtown, Glendale or Eagle Rock?

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No I won't. I mentioned in my initial post I won't be delivering. Glendale to my door is a simple one hour drive and I think the price makes the drive worth it. If you're seriously interested message me privately


Team RC
I WANT THIS MOVED. THIS WILL MORE THAN COVER THE DRIVE TO GET IT......$100. Take a look above to see what you are getting