FS: 90 ga Rimless Tank – custom build


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90 ga Rimless Aquarium "“ custom build $1200.
This a custom build that I am not able to complete. Top of the line equipment and all hardware included. The stand is reinforced wood construction. Steel skin sides with etched and stained surface. Leveled and sitting on an elastomer pad. The sump base is primed with anti-mold paint. The supply and return (3) are drilled. 50 ga glass sump tank. Retail value is $2745!

Custom - 90 ga *Starphire Display (48x 24 x 24), metal skin stand, 50 ga Sump, and box of fittings
VorTech MP40w ES
ReefKeeper Lite
2 - Hydor Circulation and Wave Pump 425 gph
2 - Eheim 1259
Syncra Silent 714 gph
Cobalt MG -1200
2 - Cobalt Easy Therm heaters
3 - Kessil A360WE Tuna
Kessil Spectral Controller
Vertex Omega T130 Skimmer
2 - BRS Reactor
Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit

Text me for additional information. I can send photos of equipment if you like.

Text me:


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Somewhat interested. How does the plumbing work, do you add an overflow box? What’s the asking price?