FS: 90RR tank/canopy/stand misc -Saint Louis


2 year old 90 gallon Reef Ready All-Glass w/ custom canopy and stand built by Im Lon 2 a local reefer "very nice". Stand has enough room for a custom 36 x 16 x 18 "LxWxH" sump. If you check my gallery the sump I am currently utilizing is 30 X 16 X 18 made by ART purchased from Marine Solutions. I have a 20L lying around which I will give away to whoever purchases the Tank/Stand/Canopy if needed.

The canopy can accommodate Metal Halide Pendants. I have not stained the canopy yet. Due to the fact that I haven't got around installing fans which I will include for an additional $25 if interested. I have the stain that matches the stand, no worries. I can stain it or you can after the fans are installed if interested. Currently have Lebo Moon lights installed if you want them included $15 extra.

The canopy currently has ROIII 250DE Pendants which I run 250W Phoenix bulbs powered by a Sunlight Supply BlueWave 7 250w dual HQI ballast. I will add the lights to the tank/canopy/stand for $250 if it helps move this out of my living room.

Tank Stand Canopy $400
Lights $300 *if tank goes first
Tank Stand Canopy Lights $650

If interested in the plumbing and Mag 12 return $75 extra/or after sale (includes return manifold w/loc line, valves, quick disconnects)

Let me know if you’re interested? Local Pick Up Only

PMs if interested to keep track of who/what/when Thanks

more pictures in my gallery