FS: Acan Frag Pack & More!


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I need money for some upcoming expenses not to mention I just shattered a couple T5 bulbs.. :(

these acan frags are fresh frags that I just cut an hour ago and already have their feeders out

have 2 of these packs available as pictured $100 per pack of 5 acan frags. each frag is at least 1-2 heads

here are the mother colonies ready to be chopped up..

and here is a pic of the frags

acan#1 is a combination of green and purple rings
acan#2 is an ultra rainbow acan (still mad about being fragged in the picture)
acan#3 is the og indo red with blue/gray acan
acan#4 is another ultra rainbow acan
acan#5 is a a combination of blues/purples

And have nuclear green/purple death frags for $25, have 2 of these left

and leng sy cap frags $20 each (green monti cap with pastel purple edge)

pickup in Fullerton 92833


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Jason u still have that leng at cap and a frag of the NG and PD? If so I will take one of each!


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Hey jason, Mesh is in! I guess kent, and gaspare want to all meet up and get the mesh at one time. I was hoping to use the mesh as a partial trade for the seng and the frag of the PD and NG, obviously I would pay the difference!


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that would be fine, but my hermits destroyed my combo frags for some reason.. LOL

i will see if i can make another one today.. I got a small paly frag pack I am selling too..


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What's that consist of? LOL damn I just need to take out a tab with how much I stock my tank with what was in ur tank at one time!