FS: ADA 60-F 8 gallon shallow rimless tank, high clarity glass + other tanks


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Finally moved to another/ bigger tank. Selling my ADA 60-F rimless, shallow display tank with plumbing. Tank dimensions are 24"x12"x7", roughly 8 gallons. High clarity ADA glass. Tank is drilled with a 1" bulkhead for the small, black acrylic overflow box located in the top right corner of the tank as well as a 1/2" return.

Whats included with the tank: Custom black acrylic overflow box with top, all the plumbing and bulkheads needed for flow down to the sump (including shutoff valve) as well as the return tubing (no return pump). Small powerhead for display gave this tank plenty of flow for softies and lps. - *I don't have the MP10 in the photo anymore*


Here is a short video of the tank while it was running (powerhead in video is included with tank).


Tank is in great condition, absolutely no scratches, tank was setup in early 2012 and has never been moved. Definitely my favorite tank I've ever maintained, love the shallow look. Great for the kitchen or other tight areas that couldn't fit a larger tank.

Tank and plumbing $140 firm. Tank is located on the southside in Beverly, but I can also bring it up to the West Loop if more convenient.

I also have a 20 gallon high that I used for the sump for $20, a 20 gallon long that was used as a turtle tank
for $10 and a 5 gallon de-rimmed tank for $10.


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Just came across your forum post, albeit years later...I was just wondering whether you still have the ADA 60-F tank. I am also in the Chicagoland area.