FS: AGA 110 system and livestock.


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First off, system..
live rock: $3.50/lb (100+ pounds) rock in system for 3 1/2 years. lots of life.

48" current nova extreme. 8x54w t5 with 2 month old bulbs. fixture on good shape, one switch broke and was by- passed, doesnt make a difference if you are running on timers.
paid 480 new, asking $200 OBO

~~110H corner overflow (48" x 18" x 30")/ with canopy and stand, whitewashed pine.
~~ecosystem aquarium 3012 with miracle mud and aftermarket refugium light. mag 18 return pump, return in tank has eductors. back up mag 18, just needs new impeller.
~~bermuda aquatics 3c protein skimmer with mag 9 pump, (overkill)
~~phosban 150 with pump.
~~aqua heat titanium 300 w heater
~~48" aquatraders 2x250w HQI 4x65w pc fixture
~~25 gpd ro/di unit
~~(bonus) lots of clean up crew if purchased soon, before i break tank down.
asking $1500 OBO (light can be switched with nova extreme if wanted.)

ok now to the part you all wanted to see,
Purple Gorgonian 8"x6"x4" attached to LR, $15

Blueridge coral 7"x4"x4" very hardy grows well.

(bad pic taken after water change)
Green clove polyps NEON
2 frags, 15 polyps $20, 20 polyps $25

2 head frag with many small babies around perimiter, $40 OBO

Neon green cabbage leather $29

Frogspawn, green with pink tips, about 8 heads $45

Beautiful ORA purple rim cap
6" dia very fast grower, asking $80 OBO

Eagle eyes, 20 polyps, $25

Huge Blue spot t. Squamosa
8" shell length, mantle about 10", 6" wide when open, very hard to find.
had to get it shipped from cali, cause i could not get one local.
would like to get $200 OBO paid WAY MORE


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Flame fin tang 5" length, very docile.

Moorish IDOL
5" long term captive, perfect specimen, really dont want to sell :(
very hard fish to acclimated to captivity and eat prepared foods, has not bothered clam, carpet anem, polyps, lps etc.
dont want to let this catch go for less the $100

Gorgeous breeding pair of GSM clownfish.
5" female 3-4 years old
3" male 2 years old
currently tending eggs, selected for color and conformation. have unusually wide stripes and dark background color.
** BREEDING PAIR, had these guys live through all major problems, real troopers and will perform regularly for those of you wanting to breed**

Dwarf Hawaiian golden moray
eats pellets!!!! 10" long fully grown
(sorry couldnt get photo, kept hiding)

Please call, 954-696-4256
please leave a message,
and please no calls after 10PM


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Interested in the Nova Extreme light. I would have called, but it is after 10:00.


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Steve sorry but I need a 36" light and not a 48". My mistake so I will have to pass. If you have a36" let me know.


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I'm interested in the Gorgonian, but I am a bit gun shy of them due to many species tendency to wither away in an aquarium environment. How long have you this one? And where are you located?

- Jack


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Thanks for all the responses. But I am not able to check reefcentral often enough at this time. Please all inquires call 954-696-4256


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purple rim monti,

blueridge coral


small frag of clove polyps

small frag of aussie favia purple and green

most of rock gone

still have eel

still have system / mh lighting,