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Unfortunately, I’ve decided to get out of this hobby as I no longer have the time it requires. I am only selling my coral right now. I will post the rest of the system when the coral is gone. I am listing my coral for sale as a package due to my schedule being extremely tight. I really don’t have time to schedule a bunch of different people coming over. If this doesn’t work I’ll part it out so please bear with me.

Note: About 3 months ago I was out of town for about a month. I came back to a cyano algae problem; which I’m guessing was due to overfeeding by the person tending my tank due to the fact that I've never had this problem for over a year and a half. Anyway, it stayed like that for about another month before I had the time to clean it out. The cyano algae was so bad that it was growing around the base of some corals and caused some tissue die-off on the very bottom of some. The tissue is growing back now that I cleaned out the cyano.

$300 for all corals listed below:


1. Neon green tip rare x-mas tree acro 2”
2. stag horn w/green polyps
3. 2 blue tip acros mounted on the same rock
4. neon green bali slimer 8+”
5. acro â€"œ greyish base w/blue/purple tips
6. green acro 2”(frag of #28)
7. orange digi 4 or 5” lots of branches
8. frogspawn 6 or 7 heads green w/purple tips
9. hydrophora 8 â€"œ 10” end to end 3 â€"œ 4” wide
10. frogspawn 20 heads w/TONS of new small heads green w/purple tips
11. acro colony â€"œ tan w/purple tips
12. acro colony â€"œ tan w/blue tips
13. orange monti cap
14. neon green GSP’s
15. orange monti frag of #7
16. Toadstool leather frag of #24
17. confusia? Green w/brown polyps
18. neon green bird’s nest almost baseball size
19. neon open brain
20. orange digi frag of #7
21. zoa’s â€"œ brown w/orange center
22. orange digi frang of #7
23. monti cap green w/purple lip
24. toadstool leather
25. red mushrooms
26. toadstool leather frag of #24
27. acro â€"œ dark base w/blue/purple tip
28. green acro 4-5”
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wow alot of people getting out of the hobby. this is a great deal. too bad i dont have any extra loot.


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Does this price include all of the live rock in the tank too?


There is only about 20Lbs or so of LR left in the tank which have corals mounted on. I pulled the rest out a few weeks ago (I thought everything was sold, started to break down system, the deal fell through and I didn't put the rock back in) which is now about 50 or 60 Lbs of nice base rock. I'll let all the base rock go for $50


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Yeah, it does seem like a great deal. I was thinking about it too, but if some else gets it my itch can go away. (-: