FS: All livestock must go!


I need to get out of the hobby for a few years, so I'm selling all my livestock. I don't want to ship, so this would be for local pickup in St. Petersburg, FL.

Lots of goodies:

  • Astria $30-$200 (depending on how much you get)
  • stylophora $130
  • palys $50/rock. The rock in the center has a stylo colony starting on it.
  • xenia $20
  • frogspawn coral $20-$100 (depending on how many heads you get)
  • hammer coral $10
  • Mushroom coral $80 (including rock)
  • carpet anemone $150 with
Note that fish will be impossible to get out until the coral has sold and I clear the rocks out:
  • 3 hosting clarkii clownfish $15 (each)
  • chromis $3
  • blue tang $60
  • Flameback angelfish $60
  • Various inverts

Preference will be given to buyers that can take many items.

Follow this link for pictures: https://postimg.cc/gallery/qM8VVH4


By everything do you mean the lights and hardware too? I hadn't planned on it; I do plan on getting back into the hobby at some point. I may consider selling it all if the price is right. Shoot me a DM if you want to discuss this further.


Sold ricordia, some astria, and some frogspawn. Stylo frags are available.
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