FS - Aqua UV 57W Sterilizer w/ wiper


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I have for sale an Aqua UV 57W sterilizer with wiper in very good condition. Although this was purchased used, the bulb and ballast were immediately replaced and the unit was only hooked up and used for about 3 weeks.

The quartz sleeve was also purchased new, along with the other items. However, while I was disassembling the unit, I noticed a small chip and hairline crack in the sleeve up where the seal is (see pic). You will get this sleeve as well as the rest of the pieces, however I'd be concerned about using it in case the crack begins to leak water. The quartz sleeve can be replaced for around $30-40

Selling the whole thing for $200
Willing to ship this item if you cover the shipping.

This unit retails for $400:

Size (L"xW"xH"): 20 x 4 x 2.5
Saltwater Use: 355 gallons
Freshwater Use: 1500-3000 gallons
Sterilizer: Max Flow Rate: 3200 GPH

Here are a few pics:





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Once again, I am in Union Grove in SE Wis, which is in the western portion of Racine County.

And since I work in Des Plaines, I'd be willing to bring it along during the day (weekdays only) if you want to meet up while I am there or along my I94/I294 route during my morning or evening commute.