FS: Aquamaxx Cone 2 In Sump Skimmer


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For sale: Aquamaxx Cone 2 Protein Skimmer
This skimmer is a beast!!

Pump is on the outside (not inside of body)
Pump: Shark 2.0 (22 watts)
Footprint: 13" x 8"
Height: 23"
Chamber Diameter: 6"

I've had the skimmer for 2 years or more. I replaced with brand new Needle Wheel Impeller back in June 2017 ($80 value). Worked great on my 240 gallon FOWLR, but I'm having to empty out the skimmer too frequently since it does such a great job pulling out funk. So I upgraded to the big brother Cone 3 Skimmer. I'll post a pic soon. Selling this one for $150...