FS: Aquatec 6800 RO Booster Pump with pressure switch $40


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FS: Aquatec 6800 RO Booster Pump and pressure switch $40

Normally $75 for pump and $17 for pressure switch. Used for 5 minutes at work when I set up a RO for drinking water. After set up, realized I didn't want to deal with electricity under the sink, work water pressure was decent, and the water was for humans, so it didn't have to be ultrapure (Deuce Bigalow).

Pressure switch and pump are for 1/4" line.

Pickup in Mountain View.

PM or email reefkeeper@reeftank.com


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Uupps, sorry. I just check your booster will only handle 50gpd max. My RO/DI is handling 180 gpd. Thanks though.