FS: BIG SPS Colinies


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Anyone who's been over has seen my HUGE colony of ORA Green Birds Nest.

It's finally outgrown my tank
AND I want to make room for all the frags in my display tank, I've gotten from the frag swap.
So lots of my QT frags are now in my main tank and this behemoth coral got split into 4 pieces.

I'm keeping a frag to regrow cause I like it, but just can't handle it's size anymore

Here is #1 it's the biggest (Aprox 5x5 inches) asking $30

Here is #2 the smallest (Aprox 2x3 inches) Asking $10


And Here is #3 (Aprox 3x4 inches) Asking $20

Because they are HOGGING my QT tank right now I'd like them gone ASAP, and will not hold till the next meeting.

They like low to med light and lower flow.
You can even keep these guys under power compacts, but they won't grow much, just survive...

Since no one ever says if PM's or Posts will win first dibs.
I'm Saying POST FIRST then PM.
First Posts get dibs not first PM's.



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i'd like the first colony, name? Sad when I don't know what I am buying, but my qt tank has only seen 3 weeks of love. give me a call, I left my number, and thanks again!


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Thanks Funman, beautiful pieces. mounted and placed in the next 4 hours (acclimation time). jthao, you'll like it, especially for the price.

PS Nice cube Funman, hope to be somewhere near that stage soon!