FS: black Hawaiian trigger, yellow, kole, and blue hippo tangs; 115 pounds live rock


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I have 4 fish up for sale. I was planning on upgrading but it turns out that I'll be downsizing soon so the fish have to go. There is a bit of fin nipping starting, but I'm assuming it's just because they are crammed into a 90 gallon. There has been zero aggression up to this point. I have had the fish for about 6-7 months. They were all quarantined prior to going in the tank and have been disease free since.

5-6" black Hawaiian trigger: $100
4-5" yellow tang: $100
4-5" yellow eyed kole tang: $60
3-4" blue hippo tang: $60

I'll sell them all for $250.

I also have about 115 pounds of live rock for sale for $300. 15 pounds is from AP Aquatics and the rest is from Reefcleaners.org. It has been in my tank for 8 months. There is a very small amount of bubble algae, but it hasn't increased at all over the last couple of months. None of the coral is included.

I am also selling the tank, stand, canopy, and most of the equipment. It is a custom SCA 90ish gallon. Let me know if you're interested and I can send you more information.

Pick up from zip code 60004 or I could meet you part way (within an hour). Thanks!






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The kole and hippo tangs are sold.

I have the black trigger and yellow tang available still. I’ll sell them both for $175.

I also have 25 pounds of rock left for $50.


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All of the rock has been sold.

I'd like to get rid of the fish so I can shut down the tank. I'll sell the trigger and yellow tang for $125 total if you can pick them up today.


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I would really like to get the tank shut down today, so he's FREE to the first person that can pick it up! Otherwise he's being donated to my LFS tomorrow. Thanks!!