FS: Blue Wave VII dual HQI-san deigo


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Brand New Blue Wave 7 Dual Magnetic Ballast (HQI) 2x250 watts. This is last years models. Originally listed for over 300.

Decided to go T5-Too hot where I live.

Price 190

Uses double ended or single ended

• 250 watt ballast runs double-ended HQI metal halide lamps or medium base HQI metal halide lamps
• Heat dispersing extruded aluminum ballast enclosure with durable blue powder coated finish.
• Major brand domestic ballast.
• High temperature 100° capacitor.
• A Cool Wallâ"žÂ¢ uniquely offers two barrier walls between the ballast and the capacitor/ignitor keeping these critical components cool.
• Louvered end plates allows better cooling.
• Accommodates the lamp cord from all Reef Optix® and Lumen Max® reflectors.
• Key-way handle for easy carrying or hanging.
• Back lit on/off switch.
• Rubber feet reduce vibration and noise.
• 8 foot - 120 volt power cord.